I suffered from Insomnia for nearly 25 years.

As with many people, I got on with my life thinking I was not doing myself any harm, built a business and helped raise three daughters.

I paid many trips to the GP. I was generally told to lead a less stressful life, and the only ‘cure’ was that I take anti-depressants or sleeping pills, neither of which I wanted to do.

Last year, I ended up in the Sleep Unit at Guy’s and Thomas’s Hospital in London where I met the remarkable Dr Ivana Rosenzweig, a Consultant specialising in Sleep, who has the most wonderful empathy.

She explained the recent research that as a then 52 year old man my expectations about my health, life expectancy and wellbeing were greatly diminished by not sleeping well.

My world was opened to Research from across the world with new Evidence based techniques that were proven to be successful in helping Insomnia. The challenge was finding places that could deliver this.

I have since met some remarkable people in the world of Sleep, many of whom are so excited by the work that we are doing. They are all passionate about Sleep and creating innovative environments where this Research can be delivered to people’s benefit.

Sleep is fundamental to all of our health – it has been overlooked for too long and people (some very high profile people) that say that Sleep is not important are doing enormous damage, not just to themselves. Thankfully, there is a wave of media interest in the sector and the Press have picked up our story and helped build awareness of our work.

So The Sleep Retreat was born, and for the moment we believe it to be unique. We offer a combination of an Evidence based approach to CBT for Insomnia, along with Wellness, Social and Nutrition Programmes. These elements set in the quite stunning surroundings of Riversdown House in Hampshire and delivered both individually and as part of a group, have proved to be very effective and in many cases life changing.

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  • O soothest Sleep! If so it please thee, close In midst of this thine hymn my willing eyes.

    John Keats
  • Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care

    William Shakespeare

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