Relax, Restore, Relearn

Wouldn’t it be wonderful…

To sleep properly, to wake refreshed, to be able to give of your best during the day, and to be confident of each night’s good sleep?

The quality of our sleep can determine the quality of our lives. We can suffer not only the short term effects of exhaustion, but also a long term lack of resilience and resistance to serious illnesses.
But all of that can CHANGE.


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The Sleep Retreat

The Sleep Retreat is based at the spectacular Riversdown Estate in Hampshire, just an hour on the train from London.

​​We give you the time and space to explore your Sleep in the privacy of the Retreat, and leave confident in being able to sleep well again.

What Our Clients Say…

  • I cannot recommend the Sleep Retreat highly enough. In a beautiful country house in Hampshire, Jonathan and Jess provide a one-of-a-kind and tailor-made experience all centred around sleep and supplemented by gym sessions, country walks, massages, evening entertainment and personal touches down to a greeting card with my name waiting in my room. This week has given me the confidence and the tools to tackle my sleep problems. Thank you, Jonathan and Jess, for a fun and wonderful week – I was sad to go!!!
    Katharina Geier
  • I have had a superb experience at The Sleep Retreat. I have met some lovely people, both my fellow sufferers and our carers. Particular mention about Jess whose care, kindness and empathy has been over and above her remit I’m sure. I want to do more justice to this testimonial so will give it some thought over the next few days and will add to this later on!
    Anita Paul
  • The Sleep retreat provides a unique package – a peaceful, but high quality place to catch up with yourself, while taking part in a personalised programme of psychological assessment and advice.
    Working in a pressured, high performance business environment, I had slipped into a pattern of very poor sleep, with a knock-on impact, on my day to day life, in and out of work.
    I now have a much better understanding of the factors affecting my ability to sleep, and the tools and techniques I need to put in place to manage myself back to a point where sleep just happens.
  • The Sleep retreat has been a life changing experience for me. Jonathan and Jess have got a great team of professionals who really know what they are talking about when it comes to sleep. Everything from the food to the daily routine of activities has been thought through and implemented incredibly well. The relaxing countryside environment as well as the warm smiles given off by all the members of staff creates a really relaxed environment, which for me was one of the biggest aspects of my sleep improvement.
    Seb Owen
  • Brilliant. Wonderful. Cant say enough good things. Can I write in more detail when I get home?
    Marguerite McDaid
  • As a new business on the market I think it worked very well. It was extremely ambitiously organised with people that seemed to know what they were doing. Well done and Good Luck!
    Eva Bjorkman


The Sleep Retreat is unique in trying to help you sleep better. We have a fabulous programme to help you sleep, and not just while you are with us but long after you have left us.

Our sleep experts are here to help you using our evidence based approach, as well as focusing on every aspect of Wellness, Leisure, Social and Nutrition.

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The Sleep Retreat draws on years of Clinical Research by some of the world’s leading experts to find a course through which people can learn to overcome their Insomnia and lead healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

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